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Blog > How long does luxury vinyl flooring last?

How long does luxury vinyl flooring last?

Friday, February 25, 2022 4:43 PM


Luxury vinyl tile or plank can last 20 years or more depending on quality, maintenance, and installation. A warranty shows the manufacturer's confidence in the product.

It's a promise as to what the consumer can expect. Whichever form you choose, be sure to read the warranty.

Quality, not price

Both luxury vinyl plank and LVT are layered and five times thicker than the original product.

Be wary of the rock bottom, bargain-basement prices. They're almost always thinner with a bad photographic image.

The genuine product should measure 8-mm to 12-mm in thickness. Thicker surfaces have outstanding durability, are quieter, and hide subfloor imperfections better.

The top transparent melamine wear layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. It's measured separately, with the most robust being 20-mils.

Good maintenance: vital to the longevity

Both LVP and LVT are low maintenance. However, that's not to say it doesn't need a little TLC.

Sweep daily. This is so the sand doesn't embed and scratch your floors.

Mop a couple of times a month, using a manufacturer-approved cleaner. You may choose to do it more often if you have kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic.

Checking all the boxes

1. Style: Beautiful digitally-produced images of wood, stone, and tile come with textures and embossing

2. Waterproof. The capability is 100%, whether the floor is spilled on or submerged in a flood or leak.

3. Uncomplicated installation. LVP and LVT can be installed via the floating floor technique.

When floors float, they click to mat and hover over the subfloor without adhesives. It's fast, easy, and inexpensive!

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